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Souvenirs in Ha Long
In Halong there are souvenirs of a diverse variety: local arts and crafts from coal, wood, horn items, brocade and embroidered items, glassware, porcelain and sea products (pearls, sea shells etc.) as well as electrical and photographic accessories, and post cards. Traditional souvenirs of Quangninh are porcelain, ceramics, embroidery and arts and crafts from coal, wood and other natural products.
Souvenir shops:
Souvenir shops on the Bay:

Kiosks, shops, drinks and other services are available at the visitor sites, such as: at the entry of Thiencung Grotto, Daugo Cave, Titov Beach, Soisim Island and Sungsot Cave. Similar services may be available on tourist boats.

There are also shops in Baichay, such as:

- Thanh Nien Mart, by the three-way crossroads near Baichay Post Office:

- Vuondao Commercial Center in Vuondao Street, Bai Chay.

- Halong Supermarket in Le Thanh Tong Street (Hongai – Halong.)

- Halong Market in Bachdang ward, Hongai. The market is open everyday, including Saturday and Sunday, until 22.00hrs.

- Baichay Night Market opens every night from 18.00hrs till 23.00hrs in the Thanhnien Tourism Company area.

- Fair Market is open on Tuesdays every week from 6.00hrs till 14.00hrs in the Halong Hotel area (mainly to serve package tours from tourist ships.)

Apart from the above shops, there are kiosks and souvenir shops available, along Baichay Street, Vuondao Street and in hotels.
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